Resources for volunteers

FiSH couldn’t do the work it does without the help of our fabulous team of volunteers. And, just as our volunteers support FiSH’s users, we need to support our volunteers.

That means keeping you up to date with all our activities via our regular newsletter and also with making sure you are aware of our important policies.

Below you will find a link to our welcome pack and in the next section you can find our key policy documents.

To fulfil our obligations as a charity we need to provide proof that our volunteers are aware of all our important safeguarding, confidentiality and data protection policies. For this reason we ask all our volunteers to fill out a simple form to confirm they have read and understood these policies. Many thanks for doing so.

Training documents


Our volunteers work with vulnerable clients from time to time. In our trustworthy and compassionate roles, clients may disclose that they are not being treated well, that they are not receiving the help / care they need, or that they are being taken advantage of. This document explains how our volunteers and staff should respond in these situations.


It is very important that confidential information pertaining to our clients should be protected.

This document outlines our guidelines and procedures and the importance of gaining consent from our clients for any information that needs to be shared with third parties.

Data Protection

As a volunteer you may have access to information such as the age, address and email address of clients. We need to ensure that every effort is made to keep that and other information secure. We adhere to the regulations laid down in UK privacy laws. This document outlines our data protection policies.

Please confirm that you have read our training documents

Just click the button below to provide confirmation that you have read and understood our key policy documents.

Other useful resources

Volunteer Expenses Form

Click below to download the Excel form and then return it via email to

Volunteer Update Form

If your contact details or circumstances have changed we’d be very grateful if you could complete an update form.